Dota 2 Real Money Betting: How To

In this feature, we show you the very basics of how to participate in real money Dota 2 betting, as well as share with you a few general tips. Read More

ESL One Frankfurt – Day 3 Tips – In-Region Kills

In-region kills will be the story of the semifinals at ESL One Frankfurt. Which teams will get to represent their respective areas in the grand finals? Read More

ESL One Frankfurt – Preview & Tips – The Best of the West

It's going to be a post-Major rumble in Germany this weekend with ESL One Frankfurt. With seven Western squads and only a single team from the East, this is another chance for the Occident to showcase their talents. Read More

Manila Major 2016 – Day 5 Tips – The Final Stretch

The grand finals are now in sight at the Manila Major. Will the Chinese manage to get one of their teams there or will the foreign threats stop them cold? Read More

Manila Major 2016 – Day 4 Tips – Chinese Conflict

There will be some in-fighting between the Chinese teams from here on out at the Manila Major. Meanwhile, the Western teams press on through the lower bracket. Read More

Manila Major 2016 – Day 1 Tips – Early Exits

Four teams will be packing it up tomorrow after the opening games at the Manila Major. These lower bracket teams will have to step up to the challenge or face a sudden death. Read More

Manila Major 2016 – Group Betting Tips

The Manila Major group stage will feature a four-group GSL style format. This means that consistency will be key in the race for an upper bracket slot. Read More

Manila Major 2016 – SEA Preview & Tips

And so at last we have arrived in the region of this major's host country: Southeast Asia. Will they triumph on home soil or will they concede the title to the foreigners? Read More

Manila Major 2016 – EU Preview & Tips

Europe will have a whole six teams representing the region in Manila, with about half of the teams being serious contenders. Read More

Manila Major 2016 – CN Preview & Tips

We move onto previewing the Chinese teams at the Manila Major and how the region will make up for its shameful performance at the last one. Read More

Manila Major 2016 – AM Preview & Tips

The next Major is but ten days away. As is tradition, we here at Dota 2 Betting will be looking at the different regions and the teams representing them. Read More

DreamLeague S5 – Day 1 Tips – Champions’ Defense

The first round of DreamLeague Season 5's LAN finals are set. Who will rise to the occasion on Saturday? Read More

DreamLeague S5 – Preview & Tips – Living Dreams

Will dreams come true at the conclusion of DreamLeague Season 5? Former champions OG will be there to stop any would-be usurpers, but there may be some capable of dethroning them. Read More

Monday 16th May – Summit 5 Quals – AM & EU Double Header

Every LAN leading up to the Manila Major (except for DreamLeague) is done, meaning teams that did not qualify for it will have to look at other opportunities. The Summit 5 may be one of them for lower-tier squads. Read More

EPICENTER LAN – Day 4 Tips – The OG-Newbee Rematch

The final day of the spectacular tournament that is the EPICENTER LAN Final is upon us, and with it comes the OG-Newbee rematch in the lower bracket. Team Liquid soundly defeated OG yesterday two games to none to secure their spot in the grand finals, this being the second in a row for the Read More

EPICENTER LAN – Day 2 Tips – EU Gains Ground

The incredible winning streak posted by NewBee ended yesterday at 29 wins at the hands of OG. Will they coast to a grand finals appearance in Moscow? Read More

EPICENTER LAN – Preview & Tips – Secret and EG’s Redemption?

The long event that is the EPICENTER LAN will put some of the Manila Major direct invitees to the test. Who will come on on top in Moscow? Read More

ESL One Manila – Day 1 Tips – Start of Something New

The first truly international Dota 2 games in the Philippines will be played this coming Friday. Who will be the first to secure spots in the playoffs at ESL One Manila? Read More

ESL One Manila – Preview & Betting Tips – Thrilla in Manila

The first international tournament hosted in the Philippines is almost here. Who will be the first to take a championship in Manila? Read More

StarLadder i-League Invitational – Preview & Betting Tips

The StarLadder i-League Invitational will be packed with some great talent. After DotaPit, this will be the first offline test for teams after the Spring Shuffle, so this tournament in particular should produce some interesting games. Read More

Saturday 9th April – BTS EU #3 Tips – Team Spirit Bomb

Round of 8 action at the BTS EU #3 online series heats up with some of the best teams in the tournament. Will the Greeks advance into the semis here? Read More

Monday 4th April – BTS EU #3 Tips – The (Ad) Finest

With the roster lock completed, the first of the competitions before the Manila Major have begun. Today we take a look at the next BTS EU online series. Read More

Dota Pit Season 4 – Day 2 Tips – Is Na’Vi Back?

Na'Vi surprised the world in yesterday's Dota Pit quarterfinal games by knocking the defending Major champions out of the tournament. Will they shock everyone yet again today? Read More

Dota Pit Season 4 – Day 1 Tips – Post-Major Testing

The Dota Pit League Season 4 Finals will be the first test for teams after the Shanghai Major. New lineups will be evaluated here, while those that stuck with their rosters will see if they can keep their momentum going. Read More

Shanghai Major Playoffs – Day 4 Tips – The Horse Runs

Three of the top six spots at Shanghai will be decided later today, as well as the first championship contender. Will EU continue to succeed here or will NA and SEA rise up? Read More

Shanghai Major Playoffs – Day 2 Tips – China in Trouble

The Chinese teams are quickly disappearing at the Shanghai Major. Will the home fans go home disappointed or will they have something to cheer for still? Read More

Shanghai Major Playoffs – Day 1 Tips – The First Test

The Shanghai Major playoffs are finally about to get underway. Will China continue to slump in their home turf or will the Western teams wilt under the pressure from the Chinese crowd? Read More

Shanghai Major 2016 – Day 4 Tips – Geniuses in China

Backstage-related drama aside, the Shanghai Major keeps on going, for as long as three hour delays don't hamper the progress of the final day of the group stage. Read More

Shanghai Major 2016 – Day 2 Tips – Expectations [A]bound

With expectations shattered in yesterday's group stage games, the Shanghai Major has been turned on its head from day 1. Day 2's games will thus be exciting to see. Read More

Shanghai Major 2016 Preview #4 – China

The region with the home field advantage comes into the Shanghai Major with plenty of expectations to fulfill. Will Chinese Dota reclaim its former glory? Read More

Shanghai Major 2016 Preview #3 – America

The USA chants won't be present at the Shanghai Major, given the hostile crowd at the venue. However, you can expect at least one of the American teams to show up prepared. Read More

Shanghai Major 2016 Preview #2 – Southeast Asia

Our preview series of the Shanghai Major continues with the second entry, this time focusing on the host region's neighboring area, Southeast Asia. Read More

Shanghai Major 2016 Preview #1 – Europe

The Shanghai Major is just days away. In this first of four articles in a series, we take a look at how the European teams size up against the rest of the field. Read More

Tuesday 16th February – Captains Draft Losers Finals – Momentum Matters

Alliance have all the momentum in the world going through the loser bracket of the DotaCinema Captains Draft tournament, but can wildcards Vega Squadron halt their advance? Read More

Thursday 11th February – BTS EU – Tier 2 Bouts

Tier 2 teams take center stage in today's BTS EU Series matches. London Conspiracy will face rising talents COOKISS, while Ad Finem will try to keep it rolling against the Danish Bears. Read More

Tuesday 9th February – BTS EU – Empire’s New Look

Empire's new roster gets tested against Mango Manians, while Burden United takes on Prodota Gaming. Read More

MDL Winter Finals – Grand Finals Preview – East vs. West

It's East against West in the grand finals of the MDL Winter season, and it will be close. Read More

MDL Winter Finals – Day 3 Playoffs Tips – China Rising

The MDL Winter Finals playoffs are about halfway through. The story so far: Chinese domination. Read More

MDL Winter Finals – Group Stage Day 2 Tips – Wrapping Up

The action at the MDL Winter finals heats up. Read More

StarSeries Season XIII Finals – Preview & Betting Tips

StarLadder’s first premier Dota 2 tournament of 2016 will soon be upon us. Read More