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Free Bets:

If you’re new to the Dota 2 betting game, it’s always a good idea to sign up with as many bookmakers as you can. This allows you to take advantage of as many free bet offers as possible, which will help you build up a nice amount of virtual cash to start betting with. Free bets usually aren’t totally free, though; most, if not all, will require you to deposit a small amount before claiming the bonus (more on this below). Still, free bets are a great way to try your hand at things before committing fully. They allow you to try out different bookmakers’ prices and different markets to see which ones you like most. Of course, as mentioned, there will be some terms and conditions, but they’re usually quite easy to fulfil. We here at the site will assist you with all the information you need regarding these terms and conditions. Do note that some of these free bet offers aren’t available anywhere else — not even through a direct visit to the bookmakers’ websites — so make sure to click the links here before opening accounts to make sure you get your free bets.

Claiming Your Free Bets:

Depending on the bookmaker, the terms and conditions of free bets will vary. For the most part, the process of opening an account and claiming offers is more or less the same for each one. First, you must sign up with the bookmaker of your choice through their website, which can be done by clicking through the links here. From there you will usually have to deposit a small amount and bet with it. Some bookmakers allow you to do this in multiple bets, but some will require you to spend it all in one bet. Once all conditions have been fulfilled, you will find the bonus credited to your account within a few days, though usually instantly. From there you will be free to bet using the bonus. Do note that most free bets will not include your original stake in the winnings, so if for example you bet £10 on a match at 3/1 odds, you will get £30 instead of the usual £40 (£30 winnings + £10 stake). This will vary per bookmaker, though.

Sometimes a turnover is required before you can cash out your winnings. “Turnover” means that you have to bet the free bonus repeatedly for a certain amount — usually a multiple of the bonus itself. For example, you deposit £10 with a free bet of £10. You place the bonus on a match with 2/1 odds. If the bookmaker has a 3x turnover requirement, you will have to bet the value of the bonus three times (3 x £10 = £30) before you can withdraw the winnings.

Strength in (Account) Numbers:

The advantages of having accounts across multiple bookmakers should not be passed up, especially for newer punters. Not only does this mean taking advantage of as many free bet offers as possible, but some bookmakers offer markets other than just your usual ho-hum match winner, and prices vary between sites. Some bookmakers may have better prices than others in the same markets, so make sure to look in several places before betting.

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